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Empowering  Cannabis Dispensaries with Innovative Payment Processing.


We are fully transparent and open with our banking partners. They support and love what we do.

Accept All Debit Cards

Your customers can use any major debit card to pay - Visa and Mastercard.

Easy Application

All we look at is your basic business information.

Program Information

Free Processing. No Fees.

There are no fees at all charged to your dispensary. It is 100% free. The terminals can be purchased or rented, and have built-in state of the art technology for instant transactions.

Small Convenience Fee for Customers.

Your customers are charged a small $3.00 fee. You may add on top of this and keep 100% of the profit. 

EMV-Compliant, Secure Transactions.

Transactions run on Debit/ATM rails; the charges are rounded to the nearest $5. For example, if there is a sale for $18.75, the debit card would be charged $20, and this $20 is automatically deposited into your dispensary's business account. The budtender would then have to give the customer $1.25 in change.

Simple Swipe-to-Pay

Your customers simply swipe their debit cards. There is no iPhone App nor any other friction. Swipe their cards like in any other retail store. 

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